Sunday, May 24, 2009

Preproduction Part One

What I call preproduction you would probably call Daniel and I playing the new songs over and over again in my basement until they have weird syncopations or parts with different time signatures. In any case, that started today. We made "Ellis Island Blues" into a song any great-grandparent would disapprove of, complete with THE punk beat. After that, we spent about a half hour stumbling over the fact that the verse of "Big and Small Words" is in 11/4. It sounds like some mid 90's emo stuff or something. I think I'll pick a guitar distortion that makes it sound like Tool and then we'll really be a good band.

The last new song we worked on today was that one that everyone picked really awful names for ("How Much"). Seriously, people... Anyway, it is INTENSE. I thought I shredded my vocal c(h)ords on the acoustic demo; that was nothing.

We're going to start recording our practices so we don't forget everything and the album doesn't end up boring and tired. We will save that for our 5th or 6th full length.

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