Monday, May 18, 2009

In Which I Get my Desaparecidos On

This one probably won't be on the next Sister City album.. it may not even be a Sister City song. One day I'll get to murder my folk career just like Conor did!

"Work Socks"

I've got so much knowledge
And a big fat fucking wallet
You should see my family
Take a good look at my trophy
She's inspired me to stop
Smoking like a chimney
But I sneak one when I get lonely
And watch my college days
Just fade away
Like prozac down the drain

I've figured out the meaning
While the world around me's teething
I'm an an influential person
Since I got my life in order
And bless her heart
My wife doesn't say a thing
When I come home from the bar
And I know I smell
Of stale regrets
But I get so stressed
So I tie a couple on

I'll put you down for lunch
But I'm a very busy man
I've got a family to support
We all just do the best we can
I fucked up so much when I was young
You wouldn't understand
But I'm a new man

I've got a lion in my voicebox
And a thousand pairs of work socks
I've got 26 feelings
That I should keep believing
That my blood pressure
Is rising for a reason
I'm a rabid wolf when payday comes
For the envelope
I would sacrifice my soul

I've got some time on Friday
I'm a very busy man
But after work the ring comes off
And happy hour begins
I fucked up so much when I was young
That's the past, you understand
Now I'm a new man

I trip over my words when I am talking to the coed
I met outside the planning seminar
And I slip my past my convictions when I stumble through
The bible when I feel guilty enough to go to church
And I kneel like everybody else for what it's worth

I've got no time for this
I'm a very busy man
I had the gift of foresight
So I have always been ahead
I've done so much since I was young
And I don't understand
How I'm an old man


  1. I like this, a little Man and Wife action. I especially liked the bridge.

  2. Thanks! I was feeling angry and wishing I got to scream more. And I've probably listened to the Desaparecidos album more than anything else so far this summer, so I think something like this was inevitable.