Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The contents of three hard drives I found in my room:

Maxtor SATA 160GB: 2GB of data. Daily Show/Colbert Report from 11/16/06 and 11/29/06, 1gb worth of music (Bad Astronaut, 2pac, Moneen), an application called Ipod Access for Windows. Boring.

Maxtor IDE 120GB: 100GB of data. The OS drive for my old desktop. My Documents contains: Old schoolwork, the WoW Burning Crusade installer, college applications, a bunch of old CD reviews. There's a miserably organized Recording folder, out of which I appear to still have everything, just organized better. Also pretty boring, although I don't know what I was hoping to find.

Seagate SATA 500gb: One Jack's Mannequin CD. BORING.

Turns out I've lead a boring life.

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