Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Prefer Nettles

There are times when I am happy
Smiling in and out of phase
My teeth are stained
But I am not embarassed

There are three words I would say
To any doubting thomas I meet
Lick my wounds and feel my breath
I am alive

What does it mean?
Please forgive me
I didn't mean to get
All existentialist
But these things sneak up

There are times I am a child
Armed with chalk and endless blacktop
But we both know
I'm not cut out to be an artist

More and more I am an adult
Living life like you can win
Or more importantly
Something you can lose

What a story
We will have to tell
Our children's children
All the things we actually felt
But they won't see it

There's a formula I follow
I guess it's possible you've picked up
But you should stick like glue
To what or who you know

Who am I to give advice?

What bears repeating
Is something I'm not sure
I've got a good grip on
So what right do I have to put a chorus in my songs

Sing along, sing along
With egos proud and voices strong
Sing along, sing along, sing along

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