Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Break (Part One)*

Spring break 2009 began yesterday for me, and here I am writing from Cancun, Mexico, already drunk and working on my tan. The weather has been beautiful, as have the bitches. Woohoo!!!!!!

Spring break thus far:
-I went to DSW with my mom and got new shoes. They are made by Mark Ecko. I'm 1/4 Cuban, so I'm comfortable with the choice. I will try to find my camera and take a picture of them. The tips of the shoes (BRAIN FART!!) remind me of a duck-billed platypus. You will see in the picture if I post it
-I have downloaded an album by every band on the first two pages of my Last.FM recommendations. Here is where I promise I will post my thoughts on them; you and I both know that won't happen.
-I am watching what will likely turn out to be the entirety of the Adult Swim series Home Movies. It is funny like "haha."

I leave you now with a passive aggressive riddle/paradox.


1. Sister City is clearly not a real band (make up your own reason for this)
2. The University of Maryland Baltimore Campus is having a Battle of the Bands for which thirty (30) bands entered and only eight (8) can compete.

Here is my question:

If Sister City is not a real band, how did this happen?! Don't the judges know it's just a Bright Eyes rip-off? Jeez...

Wish us luck!

*A note on the tone of this text: MOSTLY SARCASTIC


  1. On a related note, I used to own a breathtaking amount of Ecko clothing sophomore year of high school. Truely. Sadly, my hand-me-downs have since been distributed to underprivileged kids like so many pollen grains scattered by the warm May wind.

  2. Greg: that was fucking beautiful.

  3. Thanks, Jenny Lewis would approve.