Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Expansion, like the frontier kind

Hello, blogosphere--a word the Firefox spell check will certainly be amended to recognize soon enough (its suggestions for me are: "biosphere, heliosphere, lithosphere, and photosphere").

Long first sentences aside, I've rethought the point of this blog a little bit. It will have GRAVE CONSEQUENCES. This used to be (for three weeks) a blog where I discussed only other people's music. Now I think I will discuss my own as well. This blog is where I make promises for Sister City and other music projects that don't get fulfilled. Too many times have I promised the hordes of internet fans of my band this or that project and it does not happen. Now I will do it here, if only just so there continues to be written record of my false promises one way or another.

I'm taking a class called Short Stories this semester. We read short stories out of a book called THE STORY AND ITS WRITER. Since I have little to no school-related drive this semester for whatever reason, I decided the other night that, to keep myself interested/reading, I will write a song inspired by each short story. This will kill a proverbial two (2) birds with one (1) stone as I am also trying to be less picky about songs that are "BAD IDEAS." BAD IDEAS can turn into GOOD IDEAS sometimes, so this project will speak towards that.

This is the thing: I have actually already written one of these songs. That is a lot farther than most of my ideas come. Whether that means I'll see this project through to completion or not remains to be seen. I do plan on documenting its progress on this very blog(!), though. The first song is inspired by Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown," and takes its name from a line in the story: "A Grave and Dark-Clad Company"

Until later.


  1. So yeah.... this is the part where you post an mp3 of the song for us loyal readers to listen to.

  2. While I thank my loyal reader(s) for their input, the song has yet to be recorded. I've got three new ones I'm going to record this week at some point. I'm not sure if the keylist has been published yet.